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Q & A with the Carla Sta Cruz Interns

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Q & A with the Carla Sta Cruz Interns

carla sta cruz

I posted a photo of my hardworking interns on my social media sites and the responses are insane. Apparently these interns are gorgeous, people are gushing about them. They suggested that I make them design and model as well.  

Due to some public demand, I decided to interview them. Meet Imi Paddon  from Bristol and Paul Strand from Sweden.


CSC: Why are you guys so awesome?

Paul: My mama taught me. 


CSC: Why do you think I'm so awesome?

PAUL :  You're funny, talented, queen + fab. that's why! 

CSC: Do you guys do weird things for me?

Paul: Weird things for you? sure, I'll get wierd

CSC : Pie or cake?

Paul: Cake 4-ever!

Imi: Cake. Carrot cake/ coffee and walnut

CSC : Do you see yourself in the fashion industry in ten years?

Paul : I'll be putting paulstrand shoes on every Swedish fashionista, that's a start. next Europe then world

 well-timed hair flip Imi!

well-timed hair flip Imi!



Imi, i'm ordering you to reproduce and do humanity a favor.

Improve the race and I'll the be the manager of your supermodel kids. you too Paul!

Paul and Imi: (silence)

Imi: Not together right?

CSC: Yes, Not together. No offence Paul.

Paul: No offense taken

Imi: No offense taken ;-)

Paul: Carla, You're weird.

 Working It

Working It



This is typically how our conversation goes daily. My answer to those people who are asking if good looks are  requisite to be an intern in the company. My answer is no. Loving fashion and eagerness to learn is enough.