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Express Your Unpopular Opinion: Game of Thrones Season 7 feels Half-baked

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Express Your Unpopular Opinion: Game of Thrones Season 7 feels Half-baked


Game of Thrones season 7 just had their finale three days ago. I hate to say this but it is no longer the same. I felt like it was predictable ( I blame my online fan theory addiction), there were too many plot holes, lack of character continuum and that metal grommet in Arya's capelet failed to suspend my disbelief. Lets not forget the zombie swinging into empty space (I blame my Game of Thrones Reddit addiction for finding this clip) . 

I was left with more questions after the finale.  Here are my following thoughts.


1) Why didn't Daenerys just burn the Red Keep and not the entire King's landing? I know that Tyrion prevented the Dragon Queen from bringing "fire and blood" to the entire Westeros, just to keep the innocent safe. But we know that dragons are not like Wildfire- an uncontrollable, highly combustible solution.  Drogon's fire didn't seem like a cluster bomb. I think that three dragons burning down the Red Keep is enough to remove Cersei Lannister from the world by just burning the entire castle. The only reason why I think they didn't opt for this, was that they probably assumed that there will be more deadly Scorpions- a dragon-killing contraption that can deliver Drogon, Rhaegon, Viserion (RIP) and Daenerys to the afterlife.

2) What's with Arya's bitchy speech in the episode "Beyond the Wall"? 

Was it really necessary for her to tell Sansa about how curious she was to wear her face, and be the Lady of Winterfell. This mind-f*ckery simply cruel. She officially out-creeped Bran with this soliloquy . A sister who sincerely cared for her sister would never do such assh*ler-y. I think the sole purpose of that scene Is just to make us think that Baelish is in the safe zone.




3) White Walkers fear of cold water or can't swim?

That scene where the white walkers wouldn't walk thru thin ice. It doesn't make sense. First of all, they are dead, hence no hypothermia. If they couldn't swim who attached the chain to the Dead Viserion?  Which lead me to ask...

4) Where did the White Walkers find those giant chains?

Were they carrying it around all over the snowy terrain that is beyond the wall?  Did they seek it out?  Im pretty impressed with how equipped these undead are.


 Those chains are pretty handy

Those chains are pretty handy

5) What's with the weird editing?

I just didn't like how they merged the wedding scene Rhaegar Targaryen to Lyanna Stark, with Jon Snow's and Daenerys Targaryen's  lovemaking. It would be nice to forget that they are related during that specific scene that many  fans have been waiting for seven seasons. Game Of Thrones successfully reminded me that I'm sort of sick in the head for rooting for this incestuous boat shag.  

All in all, Game of Thrones is still the best show I've seen.  This may not be the best season for me since it does feel rushed, and I feel like GoT writers caved in to the public pressure of saving and reuniting the Starks and empowering women after all the rape scenes that occurred in the past seasons. I'm all about the Starks and the female empowerment.  In doing so, they failed to develop most characters except for Sansa Stark, and created to many plot holes. Like what is the point of keeping the characters Sam Tarly and Bran, but ditching Lady Stoneheart. The badass characters from Dorne weren't utilized to their fullest potential. I guess, they still have another season to prove their purpose.

I'm also guessing that they are pressured to wrap this up, hasn't helped either