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Randoms (Blog)

Taylor Swift Owns the Snake


I cant believe I'm even writing about this. About skirmishes similar to the ones in we might have had back in high school. Is this adult "Mean Girls"? It seems like it, having all-out feuds is immature, and reveling in it is just sadder- admittedly, I sometimes am guilty of it. There’s also something disheartening in how often critiques of Swift are put forward in the context of a celebrity cat fight. Much of the backlash is tied to Swift’s seemingly never-ending feud with Katy Perry, with both women having every song or video they release combed over for signs that it might be referencing their relationship, but  like a TMZ addict, Iclick on articles that are about Kimye vs Swift, or Swift vs Perry. 

Right now, Swift is synonymous to the the snake emoji, compared to the antagonistic Regina George; and, unfortunately,coined as an "Aryan-Princess" according to Breitbart. Her racial politics are more than tone-deaf. She uses feminism to promote her work, but is not politically engaged when it doesn’t benefit her financially. In a nutshell, her reputation is just crap right now.

 Taylor Swift Reclaims the snake,   and we're loving it

Taylor Swift Reclaims the snake, 

and we're loving it


But I want to give her the benefit of doubt here. And not pigeonhole her as a pop's Regina George or Hitler's dream prototype. After working in social media, having had some experience in marketing. Everything is not what is always what it seems to be. "Receipts" are not enough to measure what a person truly is. I remember when Taylor's camp immediately denied that the entire lyrics [of Kanye West's "Famous"] claiming that the lyrics weren't run past Taylor, but had instead asked her to promote the song. According to her reps,  "Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single 'Famous' on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, "I made that bitch famous.'"  Did they mean approval for the final released lyrics or just its early stages? Her camp was pretty vague.


How did that conversation go when she "declined and cautioned him about the strong misogynistic message"? Im hoping (or expecting) that artists would generally give each other updates about their lyrics especially if the lyrics entail both of you having sex, orif one person is responsible for their fame. Fine, Taylor basically gave the go signal for West to exercise his artistic freedom and write anything he wants, but the girl has the right to change her mind right? Considering her female-empowerment-centric marketing at that time, it would totally betray the image and the message she was trying to sell/convey to her legions of followers upon the release of "Famous". With all that girl-power marketing revolving around Swift, it would be expected of her to not approve of the lyrics. I guess we wouldn't really know the entire story. The explosive Snapchat video was obviously edited, probably to make one party look good, and we will never know what really transpired in their other conversations after that. Was there a contract? We dont know. If I were portrayed like how Swift was after the expose especially if it was an unfair portrayal, expect me to bring hell and fury.


Can you imagine how being inundated with snake emojis, being called as Taylucifer, and figuratively being buried, can do to your psyche? This is probably the way to turn a constant victim and resurrect her as a villain. I dont want to comb the lyrics for signs of the feud and low blows- I am sure there are lots.  There are way to many articles out there that would do dissect.  To be frank, she shouldn't care what we are portraying of her. Her new single is the most played video in Vevo and the most searched single in Spotify. She can be portrayed as the newest bitch in town, the queen of snakes are or the new villain du jour. But,  there's no denying that her music is still catchy, and she is a master lyricist. Immature- probably, talented, yes.


Now, lets talk about her clothes...