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Ovarian Cyst and De-cyst

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Ovarian Cyst and De-cyst


September 22, 2017

I just did my long overdue Pap Smear, and I just found out that my once tiny ovarian cyst from 2012 has gotten big. I have an oversized uterus that's making me bleed a lot more than normal in a month. And this resulted to a very low hemoglobin levels resulting to an in large heart. Who would have thought monthly periods can wreak so much havoc in your body.


 pre-surgery check up thru blood extraction.

pre-surgery check up thru blood extraction.

 Waiting for my chest x-ray

Waiting for my chest x-ray

September 23, 2017

I've been prescribed with iron pills- Iberet- so that the risk of over bleeding or blood loss will be minimal during surgery. The doctor told me that she'll be prepping spare blood just in case I over bleed or something. My heart is normal, my sugar levels are normal, creatinine levels are normal. All in all, my health is spectacular except for the cyst and the hemoglobin levels. I'm cleared for surgery.


September 24, 2017

My mom and I were too eager to check in or we were told to check in on the Monday but it's actually Tuesday so we look like idiots. Being instructed of check in procedures while being shell-shocked is a horrible idea. I had to fast fast by 5 AM the next day so I'm eating as much before surgery. Bring on the iron- spinach, broccoli and read meat.


September 25, 2017


I checked in at 6 AM in the hospital fasting officially begins and my surgery is at 1 PM. I'm not allowed to drink any fluids and eat any kind food for seven hours, so that I wont choke on it during surgery.

I showered in super gooey pink slime that was meant to remove and microbes in your body and I had to remove everything "artificial". Hence, do not have eyelash extensions or have your nails done before the surgery- you will just throw money away if you do. Its funny that I even forgot about my own eyelash extensions that I have personally trimmed down. But the whole surgery idea, under general anesthesia is freaking me out. The fear of not waking up up scares me. Frankly I don't even know when the surgery started as soon as they transferred me to the surgical bed I was knocked out. It was a dreamless "sleep". If this is how death would be, its all nothingness.

I woke up with a very dry throat. I just wanted to eat an Oreo and drink water. I was intubated during surgery.

Catheters felt icky. I think that was the worst part of surgery, and, waking up to a lot of tubes attached to you.  The catheter caused so much discomfort that every movement made you want to pee even though you know your bladder is automatically emptied already. I did not feel what the others felt when the catheter was removed they felt discomfort I was just relieved. I hated the that feeling of constantly wanting to pee. It was so uncomfortable that I think I cried most of the night. 12 hours of catheter was torture. I promised myself to take care of myself more to avoid cysts growth; so, no dairy and soy for me- and possibly meat. 

I was able to sleep again after crying for 4 hours and watching a few Netflix shows.

 Looking for veins to insert the IV

Looking for veins to insert the IV

 at home bloated!

at home bloated!


September 26, 2017

I woke up excited to remove the catheter and pee in the toilet. The nurses kept asking me if I have "released" gas for the 100th time. I had laparoscopic surgery and it entailed putting a lot of gas in my belly. Post-surgery I couldn't even zip my pants up. I was 5 months pregnant with an air baby. I was loaded with antibiotics, painkillers and anti-vomiting solutions via IV so my hand was pretty sore. The point of insertion for the IV was within that joint in my wrist so bending it was pretty uncomfortable.

It wasn't difficult for me to walk or "ambulate" around the room. However, going the the bathroom with all the machines attached to you with an exposed bum is a struggle.

The doctor gave me the go signal to check out of the hospital- thank God! Wi-fi was bad so keeping yourself entertained was difficult after sleeping for almost sixteen hours. Damn I was so bloated, even my breasts were bloated. Sitting down or sitting upright stung a bit! Thank you painkillers.

On the way home, road bumps were a b*tch. It felt like my insides were shaken and mixed up so binders were a big help.

As soon as I got home, I just wanted to shower.  Showering was the biggest hassle. I was too sore to reach up, or reach down. My neck and shoulders were sore. I felt like I was abducted by aliens and I'm seeing signs of the procedures (tape marks, needle bruises) and feeling all kinds of soreness.


DAY 6-14

The binder was ITCHY. I was given a steroidal cream for it days later. Riding in bumpy roads felt funny. I hated wearing the binder but its necessary to make you feel that your insides are not as jumbled up. I had rashes all over my stomach. I was on strong painkillers and antibiotics for 4 days post-surgery.

My stomach is slowly deflating, I look like I'm only 4 months pregnant with my air baby. For some weird reason, I'm walking like a duck.

 My half an inch cut from my Laparoscopic surgery. It's in the bikini area.

My half an inch cut from my Laparoscopic surgery. It's in the bikini area.


Day 15

Things are almost back to normal. I can do some cardio, I can walk normally. The area wear stitches used to be a still tender. I still cant lift heavy weights. I think I completely deflated. Im not sure if I'm completely back to normal yet. Im not sure if the tissues beneath the stitches are completely healed yet, but I know I'm getting there.