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Lipsense Review

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Lipsense Review


I've never had a lipstick (cream or liquid) that I'm truly happy with, perhaps it was almost perfect with Exposed Kylie Lip Kit but I personally think that the color is not best for my Asian skin. Someone in Instagram randomly offered me the LipSense lip kit by SeneGence International. They gave me two colors (Sheer Berry and Precious Topaz), a moisturising gloss and a lipstick remover.


My first try was painful. It really stung, but this was my third time to use this. Third time was a charm. It didn't sting as much.

I like its brush that was somewhat sponge-like. It is short that it gets enough lipstick to apply it evenly and easily.  The lipstick is a bit sticky that it reminded me of the consistency of a fake Kylie liquid lipstick that was gifted to me in one PR event. The liquid also had the viscosity of nail polish- perhaps it was the smell.

I think its best that you let it dry a bit before you apply another coat. After five coats, it was suggested that you put another layer of their moisturising gloss, which says on the packaging will "improve the longevity of the color".  The gloss helped a lot with the stickiness issue.

2 Hours Later.


The color survived cold coffee and tons of chatting.  There was no cracking yet and it didn't rub off when I was wiping my lips with the napkin. It was also very lightweight that I forgot I was wearing any lippie.  Note to self: do not apply makeup under yellow light. I never thought that this color was so shimmery till I took this photo. 


5 hours later. 

The color survived three slices of pizza and New York humidity, but it feels like dried glue every time I drank water. I guess if I rubbed vigorously enough it may peel off, like dried glue., but I wont because I don't think people would actually do that if they wanted their color intact.  It still wont rub off or budge. 

6.5 hours later

 6.5 hours before shower. 

6.5 hours before shower. 

The color finally started cracking starting by the portion in my inner lips. It still feels like dried Elmer's glue on my lips and I'm trying my best not to cave in to the pre-schooler tendencies of peeling it. The color was still there before I showered. But after my warm steamy shower, the color disappeared after accidentally wiping my lips with a towel.

The brand claims that It can last up to 18 hours. I guess it can last that long if your lips are properly exfoliated before application, not to expose the lips to moisture as much as I did. 

Staying intact for almost 7 hours is pretty good for a liquid lipstick but I think there is no need to purchase their Ooops Remover- you will be able to remove it like dried Elmer's Glue which is actually fun to do. It didn't dry my lips, in fact, I never had a liquid lipstick that dried my lips. Moisture content of my lips is still pretty much the same. 

The price is similar to other brands. I just wished that they had an actual store to try their colors. I'm not a fan of the colors provided.