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Not Exactly Sleepless in Seattle pt 1

Randoms (Blog)

Not Exactly Sleepless in Seattle pt 1


Darth Vader (my significant other) loves Seattle. He keeps comparing NYC to Seattle. So I caved in and decided to visit the city of his dreams. I only had three days so this blogpost will never accurately describe its real spirit. But it did confirm one thing,  it is rainy, like how I imagined it would be. My only knowledge of Seattle weather is from Sleepless in Seattle and accounts of friends who live there. Despite the rain, we still managed to have a good time. I sort of regretted not bring my McQueen umbrella, I think a designer umbrella is requisite for Seattle. 

I couldnt help but think about the movie Reality Bites when I was in Seattle. I saw a lot of people wearing laced boots probably Doc Martens or something similar to it. Locals are experts at layering like San Francisco locals. And it might be that weekend only that I saw a lot of plaid- with the 90s grunge vibes. People loved their hoodies too. 

Pot occasionally wafted in air, and all sorts of paraphernalia for pot were in full display in the park.  

Seattle is a very chill place- best for pot lovers or connoisseurs, gourmands, musicians, artists and techies. Its a very diverse city and I still cant accurately describe its spirit or identity.

Enough discussing about the locals. Here are the spots that I quickly visited and loved.

1) Pike Place Market

 Shirt: Dior, Jacket: Asos, pants: Topshop Unique,   and purse: JW Anderson

Shirt: Dior, Jacket: Asos, pants: Topshop Unique, 

and purse: JW Anderson


This is the place where my frustrated inner chef truly felt excited. Fresh catch from sea were sold everyday, and cooked and served instantly in the small food stalls in the market. It reminded me of the wet market in Asia, but this one is better smelling and more organized. 

For that experience sea-to-plate experience, one should try Jack's Fish and Chip Spot in the Pike Market for the boat to plate experience. They are known as the fishermen  who would serve their morning's catchin the afternoon. There's also an abundance of cheap fresh flowers (most tulips) grown from nearby farms. I almost bought some for myself. 

We also recommend that you visit the first Starbucks for Instagram photos and Piroshky Piroshky for the Salmon Pate. 


 Crumpets from  The Crumpet Place

Crumpets from The Crumpet Place


2  ) Starbucks Reserve Roaster and Tasting Room is a MUST visit for coffee connoisseurs. Its like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory of coffee. A lot of giant brass and black contraptions all devoted to coffee roasting. Darth Vader tried the Gravitas Blend in the Roastery and Tasting Room where coffee experts would suggest coffee and fruit pairings for the specific coffee source. You will experience the academic side of coffee here. 


3) Chihuly Garden and Glass

This place is basically a comprehensive exhibition of Dale Chihuly's work. Its not a place where you can dissect every art installation like an Art History student. There no gruesome history behind the art pieces.. This is a place where you don't overthink art. Its a place where you just enjoy them for what it is. I honestly felt like the creepy Johnny Depp from Willy Wonka was lurking in the corners.

I thoroughly enjoyed the glass-blowing demos. You'll realize that these art installations are labor intensive; and, are dangerous to make. They will also explain why amorphous glass creations are easier to make than the perfectly geometrical ones. If you have a tamed pet dragon a'la Game of Thrones, this hobby is perfect for you.


4) Serious Pie

Many would recommend this resto, but coming from NYC, it's hard to be impressed by pizza restaurants. I honestly believe I live right beside the best pizza joint in the world. Perhaps I wasn't impressed because I just came from Pike Market.

They pride themselves by serving pizzas with melted artisan cheeses from around the world unlike the ones we have in New York that are mostly served with fresh mozzarella. But they do have the same Neopolitan or Sicilian influences; like, burnt blistered crusts with a chewy center baked in a stone of clay oven. 



I planned to put more locations in this post but my stay was limited to three days. I'll be back in Seattle on mid-July; hence, having a part 2. If you guys have any suggestions, let leave a comment below. I would love to drop by and check it out.