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Randoms (Blog)



This is way overdue, but its time to write about my home-country. Despite the weirdness that you read from the news, its not scary as people say. Or I'm just one of the lucky ones.

I almost missed my flight to Manila. I was late due to ADHD-packing, and my Pokemon addiction. I arrived in JFK at 1:17 and my flight is at 2pm. If this was post 9/11, i would have definitely miss my flight. The lady in the counter named Eunyoung Rhos was so accomodating, and quick. She was deadset  on getting me on that flight. The ladies in TSA was giving me this accusing ESP look, asking me why am I still there and not boarding! She was nice enough to not give me a hard time And let me thru.  I'm just happy that I was on sky priority and luckily the TSA were extra efficient. :)

Finally arrived on the plane, greeted by a row of stewardess dressed in blue looking immaculate with their perfectly applied Korean makeup and perfectly coiffed hair. Im amazed that there was no single strand of hair out place. After I asked them to take a photo of me, I was embarrased of my sweaty and panicked appearance next to these ladies. My hair looked like a ball of pubic hair next to theirs. And the eyebags, I blame the show, Stranger Things for all the sleepless nights and those good Lavazza coffees. I was hormonal, hence the not so ideal skin.

What I love about Korean Air is that novelty  of having a bar on the plane. They have all kinds Absolut vodka concoctions, and the flight attendant turned bartender told me that people have gotten wasted on the bar.  The bar seats had seat belts. You can stay there the entire flight if you feel like it. It just felt odd sitting there with kids staring at me.

 It's pretty dark in the bar. People were sleeping, but here I am maximising the upgrade. 

It's pretty dark in the bar. People were sleeping, but here I am maximising the upgrade. 

 Yay for upgrades in Korean Air

Yay for upgrades in Korean Air

I tried watching movies but of course I was busy writing this post and I was waking to smells of newly baked cookies and Korean Ramen served as snacks. 

I crashed in my parents place, why not, it's free. Then I remembered how bad third world wi-fi is. That's why this post was delayed. Buying a local line with data is futile. People with postpaid mobile connections are struggling to get data too.

I suggested beach to my family. They said it was a bad idea. Its eternally raining that time in August. I blame the climate change. My plans for getting a tan wass now crushed. So I decided to explore the city for now, or what is within my vicinity. Traffic is just ridiculous I will not venture to Makati or Alabang during the day. 

I was stuck in places such as Greenhills, Megamall, or Shang-rila for a month. And what do we do in the Philippines, we eat- A LOT! And we stay in places with AC to avoind the sweltering heat. 

So what are my favorite places in Manila? Tons.

My Favorite place for tea:

TWG in Shang. This is where I normally meet my friend Lyra to talk about couture and the state of the Fashion world. When we're not in TWG, we're in CPK Shang, having Mango Mojitos. 

Favorite Place for Filipino Food:

Its a tie between.


Its Kapampangan food at its finest. I like their TidTad, Pochero, their Unlimited Rice, Gising-Gising, Fried Crickets, Binukadkad na Crispy Plapla

I went to Abe with Pie, my spectacular friend who friend survived breast cancer. I felt like we had to celebrate in my favorite restaurant in Manila. Thank God that they have a branch in Megamall so there's no need to brave Metro Manila traffic which is fucking hell. Edsa is now a giant parking lot.

 Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!

 fried crickets anyone?

fried crickets anyone?

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.34.55 AM.png


It's pretty expensive but it's worth it. I suggest eating there with an army or people. Their servings are big and meant to be shared with your family. This is my source of comfort food, they also serve "dirty" ice cream. I suggest trying the Paellas (either Valenciana or Negra), Ginaataang Kohol (a FIlipino verion of Escargot), Chicharon Bulaklak, Squid Balls.

I was with my family (nephews et al), we were 12 people. We still struggled finishing all the dishes we ordered.

 Snails cooked in Coconut Milk

Snails cooked in Coconut Milk

 Suman with Chocolate

Suman with Chocolate

 Paella Valenciana

Paella Valenciana

Favorite Japanese Restaurant


Its the Filipino version of Benihana. I've been eating there since I was 9 years old. It's my other source of comfort food. I learned how to cook Japanese fried rice thru this place, but it's not as good. I just substitute the rice with brown rice to increase the fiber content.

My family likes the rib eye with a side of bean sprouts, mixed fried rice, Cuttlefish, Oyster teppanyaki, and the scallops.

Favorite Places to satisfy my sweet tooth

Mary Grace

Their cheese rolls are a must try, but their mamon and hot chocolate are good too.


This place is only found in Pampangga. It's a two hour drive from Manila. I like their delicacy called tibok-tibok. It's a flan made from carabao milk. Their cakes are a must try too.

Pancake House

Its like IHOP but with better pancakes. Whatever they lacked in presentation, they made up for it thru taste.

Best Place to go Pokemon Hunting


Just bring mosquito repellant. Aside from Pokemon hunting, It's a pretty nice place to hang.