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Randoms (Blog)



 the last defense of Westeros

the last defense of Westeros

I have so many questions and thoughts about GoT.




1) I finally learned the evolution of Hodor. I was hoping it involved him and his fan theorized warging capabilities. But no, he has no skill, he's just a stable boy used by Bran to keep him alive. How did "warging" break the Time Space Compression? just because Summer the wolf died followed by the present day Hodor, so Bran permanently destroyed Willis consciousness?


2) Why wont Sansa just tell Robb the truth? I'm guessing Littlefinger has something she can blackmail her about, like the Death of the Lady of Vale? Meaning that if the Vale finds out about the death of their lady, no more alliances. If that is the case, he's an ingrate that deserves to be diced by Brienne. I honestly feel that she should have.

3) Did Bran bring the Whitewalkers, the Wights and the undead to Westeros? If the young Stark and Meera survive long enough to make it back down to the Night's Watch of the Wall, will they bring the Walking Dead of Westeros hot on their heels? Should we call this kid Bran the Wrecker if he manages to undo everything Bran the Builder (the Stark of the Past that built the Wall with the help of the Children) have accomplished?

 I dub thee Bran the Wrecker

I dub thee Bran the Wrecker

4) I really hope hat Meera will bring the Whitewalkers to Winterfell to finish off the Bolton asshole-ry.

5) When will Dany invade Westeros? Seriously girl? You're talking way too long! put your dragons to use.

6) What happened to Lady Stoneheart? 

7) Will Game of Thrones dangle the R+L=J into another season? It's getting pretty annoying.

8) I'm guessing no one cares about the King's Landing anymore. All the action is in the North. 

9) Daenerys Targaryen reeking of Pheromones. John the Andal deserves the Iron Throne for all the tribulations she went thru for her. If he finds the cure for Grey Scale, this might possibly be the end of is friend zone status?