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Randoms (Blog)

Greatest Love


I hate that I'm writing about some thing parallel to a Witney Houston's song (RIP). But its one of those days when I've realize that I fell flat on my face and I have to get up and dust my shoulders. Unfortunately, there is no one big hurdle to overcome in life, we have to make peace with the idea that it is an Olympic Relay race- its a series of hurdles or varying heights and distances from each other. But in the race, we can count on temporary moments of steady runs around the corner, and eventually the finish line. And like the Olympic race the only person you can count is you. The coach, your significant other or your mom won't carry you to the finish line. Its all on you. 

Like an olympic athlete, you have to devote time for you. Invest on a considerable time for yourself. In the end the only person who can get you thru is yourself. As much as our family, partners and friends would like to help us, there will be times that they are struggling with their own life hurdles that they cant do anything for you. 

When I was younger, I kept hearing that you should do what truly makes you happy. Honestly, I think we should all do, but we should brace for the consequences of your decisions. I remember speaking to a former classmate from Parsons. We all went to Parsons because we all LOVE fashion and design, but, a career in something we truly love does not guarantee financial security or employment.-she's been unemployed for three years. We should brace for the consequences of our decisions, and be sure that your passion for a certain thing trumps the consequences of that life pursuit.

 Solo exploration in NYC

Solo exploration in NYC

Before I segue, I think the greatest love and priority of your life should be yourself. And make peace with the idea that not everything will turn out how we would hope it would be, but in the end we will be fine.  We should stop conforming our lives into what is deemed normal or expected. Life is complicated and times are forever changing. One day you will be doing things that may not seem "right" or "appropriate", and you will be frowned upon, even if you know this the right thing to do for yourself. You already know what you want, and you should stand by it. Its sad that at my age I sometimes feel sad or coerced by societal pressures. I should stop thinking about what my family or friends would think about my life choices. But I know, deep down, that I'm doing something that is best for me, and I shouldn't be explaining my reasons to anyone. I have to be comfortable with my decisions and the only opinion about me I should care about is my own. You may value what your love ones say about you, or their suggestions about how you live your life, they do have the best intentions. But never be dissuaded or lose heart. Sometimes they have no fucking clue about their talking about, what they advise may sting sometimes. But find the courage to not let it hurt or discourage you. You love  them dearly, but they will disappear or be too busy with their lives one day. Yoi will end up only appeasing them and not yourself... They are not your greatest loves. Our truest and greatest loves are the ones we have with ourselves.