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Randoms (Blog)

Sunglasses for Ladies with Wide Faces


 I have a big head- literally. When Dior came out with the So Real glasses, as much as I wanted to sport it all over my Instagram feed, I couldn't. I looked like a Minion when I tried it. I'm always stuck with wearing sunnies, that are oversized- the ones that made me look like a dragonfly. 

Luckily, many brands have different options now for ladies with wide heads or faces- and the shapes are not limited to round or oval.Here are my picks so far..

1) Céline Flat Top Shadow Sunglasses. It is best for heart, oval, and square faces. It comes in either black or gradients of green or blue.

2) Céline Audrey Sunglasses. It is best of Heart and oval faces. It is polarised, hence more protection from wrinkle inducing UVA/UVB rays.

3) Givenchy 7011 Wayfarer Sunglasses. It's best for people with square, round, or oval faces. Time to be androgynous ladies, these sunglasses are for men, but who cares?

4) Gucci Rectangle Glasses  Time to put your androgynous hat on again.  I really love this sunglasses.

5) Dior Split. Dior has been killing it when creating killer accessories. I like the multicolor lens of this pair of sunglasses.


Remember folks, when it's too bright and hot, your eyes may actually have a sunburn. Protection can actually come with style. Enjoy your summer dears.

Till then,