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My Fascination with the Walking Dead

Randoms (Blog)

My Fascination with the Walking Dead


 art courtesy of Samuel Graphics

art courtesy of Samuel Graphics

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I've been trying to limit my blog content to just Fashion and Lifestyle (with a sprinkle of travel here and there). But, if I'm going to deviate from the normal path, it must be something I really like or bordering obsessing about.

I like imagining myself in their cutthroat world of Rick and his scrappy group of survivors. Will I still be myself, think about how Carol's evolution from meek defenseless wife and mother; to very pragmatic and borderline heartless child murderer? Remember Lizzie?  How long can I live without the daily luxuries of shampoo, toothpaste and toilet paper? How will I live without proper footwear? How many Walkers (Zombies) will I kill? How many people will I kill? Who will be my best buddy in their tenacious post-apocalyptic gang? Will I end up just killing myself by overeating Jello?

What I love about the Walking Dead is that how the our Survivors are evolving for the better or worse or both. Gray areas right? Think about how the once meek, defenseless and maternal Carol turned into a child murderer.  Remember Lizzie ? Carol and Rick circa 2016 may not show an iota of compunction when faced with the Governor's minions, the cannibals and now the Saviors headed by Negan. With their blood-rusted weapons, they would just hack and stab the living and the dead. This is far different from the Rick Grimes in the first season who apologized to the Zombie before shooting it.

The Walking Dead is like understanding psychological theories in a mock environment without test subjects such a real zombies and cannibals. It reminded me of the book, Lucifer Effect because it explains that situational forces and group dynamics can work in concert to make monsters out of decent men and women. Like the book it dares to hold a mirror up to mankind, showing us that we might not be who we think we are (for example how did peace-loving hippies turn into human cannibals). While forcing us to reexamine what we are capable of doing when caught up in the crucible of behavioral dynamics.

But before we lose faith in humanity, the series also offers hope. We are still capable of resisting evil and we can still teach ourselves to act heroically (i.e Tara and for many cases Daryl).

Now that the characters are making the dumbest decisions such as Maggie getting knocked up and Abraham is eating where he s--ts, I wonder how will this television series end? Will Rick just end up killing himself, or wake up in the hospital where he recovered from his coma then realize it was all just a dream? Or will all the television series that branched out from the Walking Dead converge into one? We'll know 3-5 seasons from now.