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Randoms (Blog)

In defense of bloggers and influencers


 Carla Sta Cruz' Instagram account

Carla Sta Cruz' Instagram account

I have blogger/influencer friends who commonly complain about people who would complain (combatively) why they charge a certain amount for a certain campaign. It may seem that my job is easy. It is fun but its definitely not just taking random photos.

In my experience, I took classes for photography so I can communicate with my photographer the feel of the photo, it took a lot of time to teach myself Adobe programs, and I spent money to make good content (think location, freight fares, clothes, makeup). Its a serious time and monetary investment at the first year. It took me years to grow an audience and a lot of pride swallowing when comments were all levels of cruel. 

Big money were spent to make visually appealing content-think hotels, transportation and clothing. Running an Instagram account is like running a magazine on your own. You are the model, the wardrobe stylist (I press and steam my clothes before shooting), the creative director,  makeup artist, hair stylist, sometimes photographer, retoucher and even assistant (I carry my entire wardrobe -shoes, accessories, clothes- to different locations in one day). It really is not glamorous- as a matter of fact, fashion behind the scenes is not glamorous. IT IS HARD WORK.


Sometimes, after finishing your shoot, the client will reject the photos, and you will have to reshoot all over again. 

Its hard to look pristine during the polar vortex or a heat wave especially when you are lugging your clothes everywhere. It's especially hard to keep your makeup from melting and to keep your hair intact during those times.

I know I seem to be complaining a lot about I do, but the things is- I REALLY LOVE THIS! I still cringe at the word blogger or influencer, but this career opened a lot of relationships, experiences and knowledge that would be beyond my wildest dreams if I were working as a patternmaker or a doctor. Meet Beyoncé- check. I enjoy making good visual content. I enjoy making a fool of myself. I enjoy joking with my followers online and also crying with them with every political, environmental and social catastrophes that happen. Sometimes I feel like I'm giving everyone a social media hug when madness occurs (think shoot outs, terrorist attacks, Brexit, elections Etc.)  I feel lucky that this became a full-time job for me. I am actually one of those lucky ones that live their passions. But like everyone else, I can't live on passion alone - I will also need to get paid.