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Kim Kardashian Analysis and Kim K Style.

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Kim Kardashian Analysis and Kim K Style.


I'm not a fan of the Kardashians. I only catch a glimpse of their show once in awhile, but I do get bored after a few minutes. But I do find them fascinating, their family dynamics and their slow rise to fashion royalty. It is rumored now that the bought all the tickets to the Guns N Roses reunion in Coachella. They have the financial and fashion influence down. 

The once Paris Hilton assistant has now crossed to the super elusive fashion clique. I still remember that Anna Wintour once said that she would rather be dead first than put Kim K in the cover of Vogue. Then on April 2014, Kim Kardashian landed on the cover of Vogue with then-fiancé Kanye West. The internet went WILD. I myself was confused, didn't Wintour say that "to be in Vogue has to mean something, it's an endorsement, its a validation". I don't know what message was the universe sending and what should people strive for to leave a lasting mark in the history of fashion.

I'm perplexed by fashion. I'm perplexed with Kim K. I may not agree with most the things she has done or has espoused. I don't know what her goals are, or what message is she trying to send to pubescents with minds of clay watching her show or to people trying to break into the fashion industry. I'm a fan of her husband's music. I do admire how they support one another. Being new to the world of social media, it is becoming more challenging to put yourself out there for scrutiny and to stand out amidst all the wannabe bloggers, Influencers and B-stars. To subject yourself to people's public entertainment is consuming, emotionally and physically. I sometimes wake up at 5 am to get a nice shot of the Brooklyn bridge alone without its daily deluge of tourists, it's hard work but I love it. Prepping time, for makeup and clothes might take an hour, i stopped fixing my hair because i will  not wake and hour earlier anymore.  Shooting Keeping up with the Kardashians might probably have an earlier call time-daily. So yes, I agree that she is hardworking and most of resilient. . Thank God I still don't have a meme yet but Kim K has over 5 million memes of her sex video, her Givenchy sofa-like dress in the MET, an obese Kim K with an obese Kanye West- that is an example of how emotionally strong she is. Subjecting yourself to some form of cyberbullying times 5 million or more is not something anyone can handle. This woman is tougher than we thought.

This woman owned 2015. Her style has involved I use to make fun of her style choices it was so blase. Pastel bodycons with matching pastel LV handbags. But now, with Kanye West by her side and with and army of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists, she owned the fashion scene. Now that Kanye West announced that he's running for Presidency on 2020, there's a possibility of her becoming the First Lady. Please Mrs. West, let's just stick to fashion royalty, no politics.

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