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Randoms (Blog)

You've Asked, Now I've Answered (Part 1)


Last week I posted a meme saying that my followers may ask me any question and I will answer. So here are the following questions.


"How do you sic [deal] with heartbreaks?"

I resort to total social media cleanse. I unfollow him in Facebook, Twitter and IG. I do believe in "out of mind, out of heart" aphorism. I also do a lot of cardio classes. There is no fast way, you just need time.


"Are you really staying in New York?" 

Yes, in lower Manhattan.


"What is your ethnicity?"

 110% Filipino.


"What are your advice from budding designers?"

Intern a lot. And if you're starting your own label, be very smart with money. Marketing is also key to success, most labels have designs made from the same manufacturers (ex. a red sweater) but the other is perceived better  and are sold more because of their marketing. 


"Why did you become a blogger?"

I wanted to drive traffic to my website initially, then I got hooked. It's fun interacting with people who are as passionate as I am with fashion and the industry. I love meeting designers as well. I like talking about the craft behind the scenes. 

I've been traveling a lot as well with Dan, and we like sharing the awesome things we see in our adventures.


Did you date Michael Fassbender?

No, just met him once and I've never seen him again.


@ariistocrazypetit : can I hug you?

Sure. :)


"What do you do during your free time? Let's do it together!"

I try to work out as much as I could and watch Netflix with my love ones wearing my ratty shirt and over-worn pajamas. I also like chilling in my bathrobes and moisturising my skin. I like Johnson's Baby Lotion Cocoa Butter when I'm on a budget and La Mer when I feel like splurging. I try to wear my SK II masks and let my skin absorb all the anti-aging goodness. 


"Can I be your BFF?"

Sure! We all need BFFs.


“Do you have pets?"

Unfortunately my dog Billie died a few months ago. I'm still mourning. I will probably get a lab or retriever next year. :)


"Did you really kiss a girl?"

Yes, I did, as a dare.


"Can you come to my birthday party?"

Why not? It depends on date and location and if you have cake with marshmallow cream.


"Is it true that you were homeless before so that you can pursue your career?"

I wasn't homeless per se. I crashed in my cousin's apartment for a month. I decided to not depend on my credit cards given by my parents and to financially sever myself from them. Hello adulthood.


“What is your favorite makeup brand?” 

I never really stuck to just one brand. I like Bobbi Brown's eye corrector and its primer. I like Nars for my powder blush, I like YSL for its concealer, Chanel for its eyeliner, and Maybelline for its lip gloss.


How's the New York dating scene? 

It's pretty grim. I'm just lucky I found the perfect one for me in New York though. Maybe its not so grim after all.


"What do you wear in your free time? or when you're not posing for Instagram?"

Bathrobes, pajamas and my cotton shirts. Just to let the skin breathe.


"Are you spiritual?"



“What is your favorite book?”

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.


“Do you know who attacked you anonymously online? Do you want me to punch them?"

Yes. And I will punch them soon. (evil grin) Hahahaha.


"What’s in your bucket list?"

Travel to as many places possible. Possibly have a family… Nothing definitive yet.


"Which place(s) are you dying to visit?"

Tanzania, Namibia and Botswana


"What was the worst heartbreak you've had?"

A once 37 year old man broke up with me thru text followed by a change in his Facebook relationship status from “In a Relationship” to “Single”.


(To be continued.)