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Randoms (Blog)

Packing CSC style


I get a lot of gifts from brands I love and support. I went to London with two luggages, now I have 5. And I'vee been paying a lot for excess baggage or decide which oversized shampoo or or coat i would have to leave behind 😓. I swear my eyes were about to pop when I found out that a box containing 13 bags would cost me 185 poinds to fly back. I would have saved more money if I planned earlier and packed smarter.

 My overweight items that were transfered to a clear garbage bag. I had to carry it everywhere in the airport. 

My overweight items that were transfered to a clear garbage bag. I had to carry it everywhere in the airport. 


First things first you must do your due dilligence.

- Dont assume anything when it comes to weather. In some countries, Siri lies. When traveling to England. Brace for A LOT of rain. I went to london during August, I assumed that it will be like our New York summer. Big mistake. 3/4 of my luggage consisted of summer clothes and culottes. Fall arrived early in London. Really sit down and Google  the weather.  It will save you more money.

- Invest on international plugs. You'll save yourself from buying from over priced touristy locations when your phone is about to die. 

- Plan your outfits. Dont think of the possibilities of each garment. Really plan it down per day. And bring only those... If you can, try to use one kind of shoe for multiple outfits

- I wont go into complete details here but find out when you will be surfing the ride tide again (for women).  Sometimes, its hard to find simple luxuries like tampons in other countries. 

- Know your airlines' baggage policies

-Of course, try to have an idea how your travel itinerary will look like, so you can plan accordingly. 



Now that you have done your research and your luggage is ready for packing, I suggest you do the following.

- Always roll your clothes. I dont know exactly know the reason why but it maximizes space

- If you're the type of person who works out regularly, I suggest that you bring only three work out outfits, and just bring a small bottle of Downy with you. But if you can afford hotel laundry services, more power to you.   

- Use small bottles for your personal effects.  

- Try to use the same sleepwear every night.  

- Check if your accomodation have hairdryers, steamers and irons, so that you dont need to bring one. 

 - Just bring spare plastic bags. They are always useful along the way. 

-worst case scenarios, use a travel aid that can suck the air out of a plastic bag to minimize the size of your luggage

 - another desperate thing to do is sit on your luggage when closing it. It seems to work for my fiance.

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