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London Calling

Randoms (Blog)

London Calling


I finally arrived in in London. I dont know anyone here aside from Dan who would be arriving a few days later.  

I know I'm older and I braved New York for chrissakes... But i'm still on my own... I dont know anyone in London... But the excitement is almost palpable and I can almost hear my heart bursting when I passed by Abbey road... And I heard it again when I saw my cab fee of 100 pound which is equivalent to 200 usd. Okay, after the initial shock... I arrived in a modern yet comfy apartment complex... Scape living... Its a nice building but the area is pretty intimidating. I've been cut off from the world without tv, 4G and wi-fi. But when I got everything again, normalcy is restored. 

My first day in the shoe intensive was pretty insane... I got lost in the tube, then got lost walking to the school... When I arrived there early, I met more people who were from every corner of the world. I met people who hailed from south africa, Colombia india, lebanon, Mexico and los angeles. During our first day, we were battered with new terms such as Last, vamp, vamp points, quarter form, standard forms and etc.

 Shoe courses in lcf

Shoe courses in lcf

Shoe construction terms were different from the patternmaking and draping classes I took in Parsons. I was a madwoman taking notes. I already felt bad for the person who missed her first day. 


We covered the shoe last with masking tape that day. I went home feeling pretty proud of myself. Being in a new territory is pretty intimidating, but im glad i survived and I feel like I did pretty well in my class.