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Randoms (Blog)

What Makes You Tick


As a designer, I do have creative constipation once in awhile. I'm not ashamed to admit it. If I had a choice I will go all out crazy, make a leather motorcycle cover or something more extreme like a leather barrel. During times like this, creativity is a luxury. the earth's resources are scarce so we cant really go all out crazy. If I had unlimited resources, I would definitely make something ridiculous like a leather sculpture.

But not everything "art-sy" sells, for other brands their highest selling items are staples like sweatshirts or pants. It's never their couture statement top with an 8 foot train (imagine the scum that you'll pick up from the streets of New York).

 making statement pieces

making statement pieces

My eternal challenge is to create designs that are a perfect marriage of art and utility. Hence, my obsession with convertible handbags. Recently, a lot of members from the press have been expressing strong interest on it. It was never the embellished designs but the one that has function.

I spoke to my COO, and we've noticed that we take time to really observe the bags in the street. We observe too much that the person carrying the bag gets really paranoid with us.  Once in awhile we actually see people using our bags, and when I do, my heart explodes and does cartwheels. And yes, I pull a creepy paparazzi moves and photograph them.

In the hospital captured by my friend Dulce.

Yes, even en route to San Francisco I found an old design.

I cannot express how creepy I feel now.

When I was walking in the Brooklyn bridge,  we found this. Pardon the photo quality.

I think we had enough creepiness for now. We will post decent social media material next time.