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Fashion Taxonomy of People In Art Basel

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Fashion Taxonomy of People In Art Basel

carla sta cruz

New York has their fashion tribes, and I wonder how Miami is different from NYC. I'm a Art Basel neophyte and I spent a weekend trying to grasp want makes the fashion go round here... And what makes Miami fashion distinctive. The window displays have a clothes for skin exposure, lots of cut outs, buttcheeks, cut outs. Autumn and Winter collections have no use here. 

I decided to make a fashion taxonomy of people of Art Basel and possibly Miami.  

1) BCBG or  BCBGG. Bold Color Bottom Gang. Or Bold Colored Bottom Geriatric Gang

They are men wearing pants that are neither denim, blue, black nor brown. They love pastels, bright and warm colors. It's a ROYGBIV of pants and knee long shorts in Miami Beach.   

Kudos to their sense of adventure. Its rare to see men with colored bottom in NYC. I welcome this visual variety.  In Miami, it is quotidian to have colored bottoms for men and women. 

 different shades of red

different shades of red

 real men wear pink!

real men wear pink!

2) The Man Bun

Its humid, sometimes warm and rainy during my weekend trip to Miami Beach. Guys who were sporting this hairdo were either doing this for comfort or style. I'm betting comfort. 


3) Spiffily dressed babyboomers

When we were lining up for tickets, one thing that Dan and I noticed are really elegantly dressed baby boomers that would put our grandparents or parents closets to shame. There were decked in Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and sometimes Alexander McQueen. 

They have their hair coiffed, nails polished and shirts starched and pressed.  The husbands normally are decked in hermes belts, Zegnas, Bruno Cuccinellis, or tailored suits. And like their wives, they had glossed slicked back hair. Nothing ostentatious, just quiet elegance. They are my style goals when I'm 50 y/o and above.  


5) the lost Coachella attendees.  

They are the millenials who are the direct opposite of the elegant baby boomers. They are wearing the typical festival outfits. Fringes, short shorts, messy hair, oddly shaped sunnies, skimpy outfits boots or leather sandals. Some can pull it of well, others just looked like people in need of a shower and a decent smelling shirt. 


4) Geriatric Bermuda Shorts Gang

Miami is where Tommy Bahama landed and called it his fashion kingdom. I saw geriatric couples who were wearing bermuda shorts paired with collared cotton shirts. When I see them, I cant help but miss my grandparents. After all, Miami is a retirement region.

They are oddly heartwarming to observe..  

5) Pastel sweaters used as capes

It's cute. All I can think about are metrosexual comic supeheroes.  


6) handbags of choice.

alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Chanel, and lots of Hermes. I saw glimpses of Cadematori and M2M bags. Finally, support for up and coming bag designers. Its not surprising that they picked pricey and unique brands. since the exhibition is fill with serious art buyers. You can hear people buying in hushed tones  of sculptures or paintings priced at 100K-300k. 

6) Stan Smiths clique

I only covered one-third of the exhibition for the entire day. The hall is huge that you will need a comfy pair of sneakers to cover the entire show. The thing that unifies all the fashion tribes are Stan Smiths or another Adidas original kicks.. People of all ages are sporting this shoe.



7) Art Fanatics whose outfits I will never understand. 


I saw people with metal ties that curled toward the sky, and a bellied man wearing a cowboy hat and a makeshift rocking horse as an accesory.  They seen to be a fun crew. This is probably the tribe I would like to be in. 


8) Impeccably dressed mother daughter duos

They just looked so polished and clean. Nothing ostentatious. A matrilineal version of the elegant baby boomers that I mentioned above. 

Im guessing that the duos are there because it was the event du jour. All notable social media influencers are there, A-rod was spotted there. There were a plethora IG worthy spots and art in display. It was a younger social media-savy  Millenial's wet dream. Or the mothers are really interested in art and they just dragged their daughters there. 

9) Clubbers Lost in Art.  

I admire those who can walk around the exhibition halls in stilettos with a gazillion straps- that is a skill I have never mastered. There were sightings of ladies in tight clothes and body cons. I mean, why not? They are young and fit..  

10) Cigarettes as accessories especially by women who can pass as our grandmas. 

This is a fashion and health faux pas. I wonder how they are still alive. 


This fashion taxonomic was done in a span of two days. Feel free to suggest or add more fashion tribes that you see in Miami.