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Randoms (Blog)

A Diferent NYE


I honestly feel like NYE is overhyped and overpriced. Try standing in Time Square in New York just waiting for the ball to drop. Last year, the only happy people in Time Square were the people in hotel penthouses in the vicinity, Taylor Swift with her heated concert stage and Taylor Swift fans, aka Swifties. Coming from the warm third world, I had a brief encounter with hypothermia (or I was cold- AF). Walking thru police stops is enough to scrape the red out of your Loubutins and finding a cab in the cold is a miracle unless you want to get an Uber that will be like 10x the price.

Thanks and no thanks to global warming, there is a clear lack of cold weather, but, I might have spoken to soon there's a snow alert on the Gothamist now. But every New year's eve, I feel the palapable pressure to enjoy the night and to create memories (a.k.a look IG cute) so here are a few items that might make it easier to do both. Crossing fingers.

For dramatic RSVP dinners followed by drinks with good friends on the dance floor.. I would wear layers. so I can shed articles of clothing as the night progresses into 2016. Honestly, I still cant tell how the temperatures will be like at Dec 31st. If it becomes warmer than normal, pair your heels with a cute pair of ankle length socks.

 Margaret Zhang, Vanessa Hong and the ManRepeller killing it as usual.

Margaret Zhang, Vanessa Hong and the ManRepeller killing it as usual.

 What I would wear indoors of course.

What I would wear indoors of course.

If you decide to go to a private party with your friends (who will love you and accept your addiction to Spanx) or any party that is low key. I would wear something that is more warm and has more coverage. Looking at my Instagram, I do have an obsession for weird silhouettes and unusually large sleeves. Garments that will not reveal the trays of crudites that we've been inhaling with champagne the entire night in those nights I will wear a Guerra Manila Top, Missguided Palazzo pants, and a vintage belt with my only comfortable Loubutins.

For events that would require me to dress up and look stunning. I will need something that will help me disguise the ravages of holiday eating. I will opt for a draped sleeves, and a dress that show skin strategically, not in areas that will be affected by Christmas feasting. I like my Jarlo dress with Loubutins, and the geometric dresses from Misha Collection.



 See, NYE may be overrated, but your outfit doesn't have to be. There's more to NYE fashion that sequins and micro-mini bodycons.