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My Own Beach Essentials

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My Own Beach Essentials


When I'm in the beach, I'm bound to look like a drenched dog- with matted and unruly hair. Im probably sweating profusely and most likely just uncomfortable (especially if its humid). During beach vacations, no fail, I'm feasted on by mosquitoes and other insects. 

This blog post is for this mythological character in NYC who flies out of the city upon the entry autumn- those who sport the eternal tan. Also for people who are just love the beach and are just curious what I think are my beach essentials.

 swimsuit by Wolf and Whistle

swimsuit by Wolf and Whistle

1) Sunscreen- My favorite ones are La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 for the body. If this brand is hard to find in your area. Just look for sunscreen that have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Those are the most crucial ingredients for sun protection.

2) Sturdy flipflops. They need not to be pricey. As long as they can protect your feet from rocks, or the burning sand, you will be fine.

3) A really good conditioner or hair mask. Like Carol's daughter Hair Butter or Smooth Sexy Hair Extender. It helps me detangles my hair post sun related activities. Stay away from ingredients with Silicon. It's band for color treated hair and it weighs the hair down.

4) Rash guard. It's protects you from flashing your girlies during water activities and it protects you from other marine elements like jellyfish stings.

5) Plastic bags. It's easier and less messier to pack when you have those around. Especially for almost dry or wet swimsuits.

6) Sunglasses. I like my pair of Chanel sunglasses.

7) All around sundress. Preferably the light and airy ones. I like the ones from Sea Folly Australia.

8) I like my oversized hats for an instant classic "oomph" and it protects you from further roasting into prune-hood.

 My favorite stuff from Palawan. A giant straw hat.

My favorite stuff from Palawan. A giant straw hat.

6) Beer (or any alcohol) the best way to end the day is to have beer by the beach with your buddies watching the sunset