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Surviving the Wildlife of Palawan

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Surviving the Wildlife of Palawan


I got attacked by sea plankton, baby jellyfish or plankton. I thought I was pierced with a thousand needles. Apparently, it was the microscopic animals that were hungry for human blood or meat (aside from the creepy guy in the dive in bar). 

Creepy crawlers in the tube

I knew I was biten when I was snorkeling, I think I was screaming thru the breathing tube.  But our guide, Fritz, was prepared. He had a bottle of vinegar ready for such bites. The resort had an on call doctor and he was armed medicines with all kinds of oral and topical medicines available in the Philippine market. 

The plankton bites itched for days and the doctor was reluctant to give me strong medicines that would knock me out- he sincerely wanted me to enjoy the rest of the vacation. But the itch, was TORTURE. I think it was best that I drank all the potent medicines and rubbed all the steroid-laden creams on the bites. I was just miserable and scratching incessantly. It drove the blog photographer nuts. 

I too should have stopped myself from scratching the bites. Zinc oxide and hydrocortisone was not enough at all. The best remedy for the bites was Clobetasol Propionate   (Cream) and applying ice packs on the bites when it was itchy. 

The doctor was reluctant to prescibe Cloberatasol due to its steroidal content. Steroids may lower immunity, which is not recommended in places like Palawan. But I strongly recommend that you use this cream, and just stay indoors for a day.  

 Spider in the bathroom that my fiancé just killed.  

Spider in the bathroom that my fiancé just killed.  

We encountered centipedes that may have been poisonous, and they are quite bouncy too. We handled the centipede situation- unscathed, but when we saw out second centipede, our masseuse told us that its bites may hurt for days and it is possibly poisonous. I guess its best that we called the concierge than handled it on our own.

The crazy wildlife experiences definitely reminded me that Palawan is still ecologically healthy and diverse. As I said before, we cant be prissies when we enter its territory. We, humans, do not solely own this island. I guess it is Mother Nature's way of saying that this is still her turf. I'm guessing this is my karma for not lessening my carbon footprint.


  I had to crop my face off. I was bloated from all the antihistamines I drank.

 I had to crop my face off. I was bloated from all the antihistamines I drank.