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Product Warranty

Every Carla Sta. Cruz product is meticulously designed, sourced, and painstakingly handcrafted and inspected to the smallest detail. We recommend treating our items with care-- always store in a clean, cool, dry place when not in use. A rule of thumb: what’s bad for your skin is also bad for leather, so avoid contact with too much light, heat, humidity, and moisture. Water, cosmetics, and oil-based substances will alter the appearance of leather.

No two leathers are alike, and even the ones that look the same to the naked eye will have slight differences, such as color grain variations, incident marks and texture variations. These add character to the product, and make each product unique.

For one year from date of purchase, our products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. We rarely experience problems, but as always, our customers come first, and we will resolve any issues. Email us at, along with photos of the defect. Please keep all original packaging. We will email you a waybill and tracking number.

Please note: our warranty does not cover standard wear and tear or theft, nor do we provide a repair service or replacement for purchases from unauthorized and off-price retailers.